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1. The processes required to ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken include all activities of the overall management function that determines the quality policy, objectives, and responsibilities and implements them by means such as quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement, within the quality system. This is called:


2. A project team evaluates risk in the project. As an outcome there are some positive and negative risks that are identified and evaluated. To evaluate the worst case for the project the project team should evaluate and summarize:


3. A project manager is managing a large project and must consider the application of a quality management plan. One of the critical factors in such a plan is the cost of implementing the plan. The project manager should:


4. A project manager has discovered a problem and is trying to determine the cause. The process whereby he identifies the variables that have the most influence on the project by holding all the variables constant and changing one at a time is called:


5. During the project life cycle, in which part of the life cycle will risk be the lowest?


6. Decisions as to the types of projects that should be accomplished and strategic plans as to the quality of the projects that is required should be the decision of which of the following?


7. The project management institute decided to hold their annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. This conference represents a substantial amount of PMI’s operating budget for the year. PMI identified a risk of hurricanes during the month of September when the conference was to be held. PMI decided to purchase convention insurance to offset the loss of convention revenue if a hurricane caused cancellation of the conference. This is a risk management strategy called:


8. Three activities are done in sequence. Each activity takes five days to do. There is a 90% probability that each activity will be completed on time and a 10% probability that each activity will be finished late. What is the probability that the last of the three activities will be finished on time? a. b. c. d.


9. According to Deming and Juran most of the quality problems that exist are due to a defect or failure in processes that are controlled by:


10. The Monte Carlo technique can be used to:


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