PMP Mock Exam 4

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1. Goldratt’s critical chain theory says that in order to reduce risk in schedules we should:


2. A project manager uses the break even point to justify his project. He presents this as a justification for buying a new machine. What risk does the project manager run by using this technique to justify buying a new machine for his company?


3. In managing the risk of the project schedule we are managing the risk that the project will not be delivered or completed on time. If we assume that the project’s possible completion dates are normally distributed and we promise the client the most likely of the project’s possible completion dates, what is the probability that the project will be delivered late?


4. A risk event in a project is something that can have an effect on the project:


5. A project manager wants to give some guidelines to the project team as to how risk events should be described. Which of the following items would not be appropriate in describing a risk event?


6. The management reserve for the project contains:


7. The project team has put together a project plan for a project, and the plan has been approved by the stakeholders. The customer asks the project manager if the project can be delivered seven weeks sooner. The customer offers sufficient monetary incentive for the project manager. The project manager decides to fast track the project. This decision will:


8. A project manager holds the first risk meeting of the project team. The client is present at the meeting. At the meeting several risks are identified and assigned to members of the project team for evaluation and quantification. The result of the meeting is:


9. A project manager and her project team are analyzing risk in their project. One of the things that they might do to help identify potential risks or opportunities would be to review:


10. In the Monte Carlo technique, what is the criticality index?


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