PMP Mock Exam 38

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1. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding rolling wave planning?


2. You are using the three-point estimating technique to estimate the duration of a schedule activity. You are given the following data: [Pessimistic=100days] | [optimistic=40days] | [most likely=65 days] Which of the following statements are true?


3. Which of the following risks should be classified as a force majeure risks?


4. You are the project manager at an auto manufacturer. Due to the recent rise in the cost of petroleum, the market demand for hybrid cars with high fuel efficiency ahs increased. Your company has identified the multi-billion dollar market opportunity for highly fuel efficient vehicles. However, your organization does not have enough resources and expertise to exploit this opportunity. Hence, your organization has decided to identify the qualified candidates. Which of the following best describes the type of strategy you are using to deal with this market opportunity?


5. You are in the process of developing an approximation of the costs of resources needed to complete each schedule activity. Which of the following is the LEAST helpful input?


6. Which of the following can be used to determine what work is included in each work package for each of your team members?


7. You are the project manager for a large children’s toys manufacturer. You’ve been asked to manufacture the latest craze in “Dancing Widgets” for the upcoming Christmas season. You’ve been informed that the company needs at least one month lead time to distribute the Widgets in order to have the Widgets on retailers shelves for the Christmas season. You’ve been asked to breakdown the costs associated with production. Which of the following can be categorized as variable costs associated with the production?


8. Which of the following processes involves developing necessary procedures to mitigate threats to the project from the project risks?


9. All of the following statements are true regarding the critical path method EXCEPT:


10. You are in process of analyzing the effects of identified risks. Which of the following is the LEAST helpful input?


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