PMP Mock Exam 28

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1. Which of the following are filters that the receiver uses to filter messages?


2. A project is coming to a close, and the project manager is listing the things that must be done to close out the project. One of the things that must be done by the person responsible for contract administration is:


3. Which of the following media can a communicator use to present information?


4. A project manager has many different ways of communicating. Which of the following is a good communication tool for the project manager to use?


5. At the request of the project team for a large project, the company’s purchasing department advertises that they intend to let a contract for construction work associated with the project. This is called:


6. The three principal interests in maintaining good document control are:


7. A project is engaged in making electronic devices. It is necessary for them to purchase materials to make the printed circuit boards. All of the parts are common parts that are available from several vendors. The most likely contract that should be issued for these parts is:


8. A project manager wants to handle communications well in his project. In order to do this he has chosen to write a communications plan. Of the items listed below, which one is not part of the communications plan?


9. An automotive design project is underway. The project is to design the new body style for the upcoming season. Body styles are considered to be one of the more important items for competing in the next season. The completion date for the project is moved up to three months earlier than planned. Because of this change in the project completion date, there is the possibility of having some of the work done by a design bureau in town. The project manager must make a decision as to whether or not to subcontract this work out to the design bureau. What is the most important consideration in making this decision?


10. A project is being managed by a project manager. A large portion of the work of the project is being subcontracted to an outside vendor. During the project it is found that a significant change in the design of the project is necessary. The project manager should:


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