PMP Mock Exam 26

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1. The project team is considering whether to purchase a service or do it themselves. One of the items that should not be considered in their analysis is:


2. The project team has delivered a deliverable to the customer. The deliverable contains defects that are easily correctable. There is a good relationship with the customer and the customer agrees to make the repairs and correct the defects on the item and invoice the supplier for the work that was done. This is considered to be a:


3. A project manager is about to request bids on a large part of the work that must be done on the project. This work amounts to over $1 million. The best reason that the bid should be advertised is:


4. A project manager decides to go out for bids on some of the project work that must be done as part of a contract to do a project for another customer. The bids are received and evaluated, and the seller with the lowest bid is selected. The cost of the contract to the project can further be reduced by what action?


5. A project manager must have some work done by an outside contractor. This work has a great deal of risk associated with it, and it has become very difficult to find a contractor willing to take on the job. Which of the following types of contract would offer the greatest incentive to the contractor?


6. A request for bid (RFB) differs from a request for proposal (RFP) in that:


7. A project manager purchases 3,500 widgets for his project. The widgets are delivered on time, but there are many defects in the paint that is on the surface of the widgets. The project manager returns the parts to the vendor for repair and rework. The vendor complains that the paint job quality was not specified in the contract and it is not his responsibility to repair the parts. It is likely that the parts will be repaired by the vendor because of:


8. A project manager wants to subcontract part of the project. This part of the project is quite complicated, and there are many ways that the work can be done. What method of solicitation should be used by the project team?


9. A buyer extends a formal invitation that contains a scope of work that seeks a response that will describe the methodology and results that will be provided to the buyer. This is called:


10. A project has subcontracted part of the work of the project to an outside vendor. The work involves writing modules of software for the project. The first delivery of the subcontracted software has been made, and it is found that the software will not perform the functions that were specified in the contract. The vendor says that the software cannot do what was specified in the contract and refuses to do the work. What should the project team do?


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