PMP Mock Exam 20

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1. Communication barriers are a more frequent source of conflict in matrix and projectized environments than functional organizations for all the following reasons except:


2. A project manager must be able to effectively manage the communications necessary for the project and the project team. In order to communicate within the project team the project manager should:


3. In the model for communications there is a sender and a receiver. The sender is responsible for which of the following?


4. A project manager has six people on a team. It is important that each of them communicates information to each of the others. How many lines of communication are there in this group of people?


5. A project manager is responsible for performance reporting. Which of the following is not one of the tools and techniques that the project manager can use for performance reporting?


6. A project manager finds that she is having trouble concentrating on what is being said in meetings. One of the things that she might try to improve her listening ability might be:


7. The technologies or methods that are used to transfer information back and forth between project stakeholders can vary significantly. Which of the following is a communications technology factor for projects?


8. The study of the way words are used and the meaning that they convey is called:


9. The project manager of a project must hold several meetings. The meetings should be efficient and not waste people’s time when they are held. One of the things that the project manager can do when he or she is leading a meeting is to:


10. Formal acceptance by the client or the sponsor of the project indicates that they have accepted the products of the project. This document should be signed off during what part of the project?


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