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1. You’ve been hired as a project manager for a local community college. The community college wants you upgrade the hardware for each of its web servers, and install the necessary security patches for each webserver. You are ready to begin the activity duration estimation process. You are told that there are total 50 web-servers that need to be upgraded. From past experience, you know that it takes about two hours to upgrade the hardware and install patches on each web server. Therefore, you estimate that it will take approximately 100 hours to complete this project. Which duration estimation technique did u just see?


2. Product analysis uses which of the following techniques EXCEPT:


3. Activity cost estimates and its supporting details are output of which process?


4. A risk management plan is a subset of the project management plan and describes how risk management should be performed. All of the following should be included in the risk management plan EXCEPT:


5. Your company is making a strategy shift: form being focused on fulfilling customer requests for becoming the best cost dairy producer in industry. Its existing cost manufacturing cost system, however fails to capture the costs associated with handling special flavors, small production orders, and complex delivery and order processing options. Hence you’ve been assigned to supervise an existing project to develop a new time-drive, activity-based costing system that will capture the full complexity of the company’s operations and gives managers new insights into the profitability orders, products, and customers. Senior management will use the information to enhance process efficiencies, negotiating new terms with customers, and attempt to win new business. You are taking over the project during the planning process group. Upon reviewing the project charter, you discover that eight individuals were requiring to sign-off the project charter in order to authorize the project. Which of the following should cause the MOST concern?


6. Which of the following best describes the amount of time one can delay the start of a task without delaying the start of a successor task?


7. You are the project manager responsible for constructing new 100-unit apartment in downtown Manhattan. As part of construction project, you are planning to outsource the electrical wiring of the building to an outside contracting firm. The contracting firm has requested a statement of work from you. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding the contract SOW?


8. Which of the following illustrate a chart with upper /lower limits on which value of some statistical measure for a series of samples are plotted using sample measure measurement, where the mean and standard deviation are determine from the sample selected?


9. A poorly defined staffing management plan will LEAST impact:


10. Which of the following statement are false regarding issue logs?


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