PMP Mock Exam 16

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1. A project manager has one member of the project team working on a critical problem. The person working on the problem verbally communicates to the manager that this correction to the problem will probably cost $1,000. Which form of communication should the project manager use to respond to the team member?


2. There are many ways to organize projects. The persons involved with these projects have several titles that describe their management responsibilities. Which of the following titles describes a person that has a primary responsibility for communications?


3. The project manager has a very complex communication to prepare for the program manager. In order to ensure that the communication will be understood as completely as possible, what method of communication should be used?


4. During a project meeting a disagreement between two members of the project team began. The disagreement was over a technical detail of the project. The project manager was in attendance in the meeting. It is important that the conflicting opinions of the two team members be resolved as quickly as possible. It is even more important that the difference of opinion be resolved correctly. What should the project manager do?


5. Which of the following is not a standard type of communication?


6. Statements such as ‘‘It’s never been done before” or ‘‘It will cost a fortune” are examples of:


7. The use of brainstorming as a communications technique encourages which of the following?


8. Which of the following techniques allows for the participants to be anonymous?


9. In the communications model, communications between the sender and the receiver often are affected by communications barriers. These include all of the following except:


10. Who is responsible for communications for the project team?


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