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1. You are the project manager fro the large children’s toy manufacturer. You have been asked to manufacture the latest craze in “Dancing Widgets” for upcoming Christmas season. You’ve been informed that the company needs at least one month lead time in order to have Widgets on retailer’s shelves for Christmas season. Hence, based on the current sales forecast you’ve been asked to deliver 100,000 units by November 1st at the least. However four months into the project you’ve noticed that the project has become 6 weeks BEHIND schedule. Since missing the deadline in unacceptable you’ve hired twenty additional contingent workers to get the project on track. This is an example of which type of following?


2. You are the project manager at Day-Old donuts, a rapidly growing franchise selling premium donuts at discount. Currently your company is planning on opening additional store throughout United States. Your primary market includes densely-populated, metropolitan cities. Your company is evaluating different companies fro evaluation including New York, San Francisco, and Los Angles. Based on the following data which project is recommended?
Project New York-
Initial cost of $250,000
First year cash flow$ 50,000.
$25,000 cash flow per quarter after
Project Los Angles-
Initial cost of $200,000
First year cash flow$ 50,000.
$12,500 cash flow per quarter after
Project San Francisco-
Pay back period of 24 months


3. You are an information security project manager responsible for securing your cooperate network. Due to new regulations mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley act your company’s upper management has tasked you with securing the company’s network infrastructure. You have just completed the Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement process. However, upon review you have determined that the resulting Preliminary Project Scope Statement is ambiguous and poorly written. A poorly written Preliminary Project Scope Statement will directly impact all of the following subsequent processes EXCEPT:


4. Project mangers often refer to a project’s triple constraints as a framework for evaluating completing demands. Please select which of the following describes the triple constraints?


5. You are a project manager in a matrix organization. All of the following are disadvantages of this type of organization EXCEPT:


6. Please select the correct order for the five project management process groups?


7. Which of the following is formalized document that authorizes the project and should be prepared by someone who is external to project, and should not be directly prepared by the project manager?


8. Which of the following is not included in project scope statement?


9. Which of the following establishes minimum requirements of performance for one or more evaluation criteria when selecting a prospective seller?


10. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding proposal Evaluation Techniques?


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