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1. A project manager is managing a project where there will be a number of persons working together. She wants to enhance the ability of the team to work together and perform as a team. One of the things that she can do to maximize the ability of the team to do this is:


2. Project human resources management is divided into which of the following?


3. Primary outputs from team development are:


4. A project manager will manage a large complicated project that is located in a remote part of Africa. The project will last for five years and will have the product of producing a nuclear reactor that will generate 900 megawatts of power at start-up. The best kind of organization for managing this project is:


5. A project manager is concerned about team building on her project. One of the mandatory things that she must have in order to have good team building is:


6. The project manager of a new project wants to get things started in a positive way with the project team. The project manager wants the team members to get to know one another, to introduce the project team and the project manager to one another, to discuss the objectives and goals of the project, and to identify some of the potential problem areas. This meeting is called a:


7. An automotive oil change station was receiving complaints that their service took too long. A coffee machine and television were installed in the waiting room and the complaints went down. This is an example of:


8. A project manager wants to do as much as she can to help in developing her project team. A key barrier to project team development is which of the following?


9. The skill of listening involves more than just hearing the sounds. One of the characteristics of a good listener is that he or she:


10. A project manager is in need of a solution to a problem. He decides that the best thing will be to arrange a meeting to solve the problem rather than solve the problem himself or by having one of the project team members solve it individually. Generally, this will result in:


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