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1. You are in the process of painting your house. Since you do not want to start painting your house prior to rain storm, you check the weather report to make sure that weather is permitting. Which type of dependency best describes the relationship between the weather and your project?


2. You are the project manager at a utility company. Due to the recent rise in the cost of petroleum, your organization is exploring cheaper, alternative forms of energy. You have just completed the project Scope Planning process and created the Scope management plan. However, upon review, you have determined that the resulting project scope management plan is ambiguous and poorly written. A poorly written project scope management plan will directly impact all of the following EXCEPT:


3. You are the project manger at a software company developing the next-gen web application server. As software development can be very chaotic, your company has elected to follow the more rigorous approach to software development. Specifically, your company has chosen to adopt the Rational Unified Process (RUP) for your current software project. The RUP methodology is highly iterative and produces numerous deliverables include UML diagrams, architecture diagrams, prototypes, and test-cases. You have just produce the project schedule network diagram and just updated the project activity list. Which process have you just finished?


4. Which of the following statement are FALSE regarding the probability impact matrix technique?


5. You are the project manager for a construction company. Your firm has been contracted to complete the construction of a 10-story office building. This project will use three point estimates to calculate the estimates for activity duration. You have the following estimates for task A (creating the foundation). Assuming the triangular distribution what is the average duration estimate based on the following three point estimates? Pessimistic= 100 days Optimistic= 40 days Most likely=65 days


6. You are in the process of identifying and documenting the project roles and responsibilities and create staffing management plan. All of the following are tools/ techniques you can use EXCEPT:


7. Which of the following processes is involved with identifying which quality standards are relevant to the project and devising a plan on how to meet / satisfy these standards?


8. You are the project manager at Construction Company, assigned to build 30-storey apartment building. In order to being constructing the frame of the building, the foundation of the building must be built. Which of the following relationship types best describes this dependency between framing and foundation?


9. All of the following are considered schedule network analysis techniques EXCEPT:


10. The risk register is initiated in the Risk Identification process and further updated in the Qualitative Risk analysis and Quantitative Risk analysis processes. Which of the following are NOT risk register updates as part of the Quantitative Risk Analysis process?


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