Ordering of Words in a Sentence Test

Ordering of Words in a Sentence
Directions: In the following items some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to re-arrange these parts that are labeled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence.

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1. (1) A political decision or policy
(P) ifjudged by its immediate results,
(Q) in the light of its ‘
(R) may seem to be very wise
(S) but may prove to be unsound
(6) ultimate consequences


2. (1) The Arabs live in tents
(P)so that they can move from one oasis to another
(Q)and taken down very easily and quickly
(R) seeking grass and water
(S) than can be put up
(6)for their sheep, goats, camels and horses.


3. (1) The Minister of State for power
(P) laying emphasis
(Q) in conservation of electricity in industries
(R)has written to his counterparts in State Governments
(S) on bringing about improvement
(6) by introduction of energy efficient equipment.


4. (1) People read and recite the Ramayana,
(P)which refers to those high ideals of human conduct
(Q) with great devotion,
(R) that aspect of its greatness
(S) but they mostly fail to appreciate
(6) that this great epic places before us.


5. (1) Fair play demands that
(P) which may tend to give a poor impression
(Q) before any comments are made
(R)the person ‘concerned should be asked
(S) about a person
(6) to give his side of the story.


6. Recently,
(P)containing memorable letters of Churchill
(Q) a book
(R) has been published
(S) by a reputed puslisher


7. (1) A sub-inspector of police,
(P) disturbing a public meeting
(Q) justice to his uniform,
(R)rounded up a group of 18 miscreants
(S)bent on doing
(6)and marched them to the local jail in Shimoga.


8. (1) According to reports
(P) were still trapped inside
(Q) bogies
(R) the wrecked
(S) some of the passengers
(6) of the express


9. (1) The department has initiated steps
(P) from the corporate sector
(Q) to evolve appropriate schemes
(R) and financial institutions for
(S) for mobilising investment
(6) the development of wastelands.


10. (1) Above all,
(P) in the present age of light reading,
(Q) it is well if something heavier is cast now and then
(R) of reading hastily and thoughtlessly (S) that is,
(6) into the midst of the reading public.


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