National Current Affairs 12

National Current Affairs (Civil Service Examination), Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

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1. To prevent recurrence of scams in Indian Capital Market, the Government of India has assigned regulatory powers to: [1995]


2. The average rate of domestic savings (gross) for the Indian economy is currently estimated to be in the range of:


3. Which one of the following was the venue for the preliminary talks between the Sri Lankan Government and representatives of Tamil United Liberation Front and other militant groups? [1998]


4. Which one of the following is a modern tank? [1996]


5. In the field of space technology-India has demonstrated during 1994, her capability to: [1995]


6. One of the important agreements reached in the 1996 Ministrial Conference of WTO refers to: [1997]


7. The Dinesh Goswami Committee recommended: [1997]


8. The damage to the Spektr Module of the Russian Space Station Mir was due to: [1998]


9. Which one of the following satellites is to be launched from India in 1996? [1996]


10. Which of the following Parties were not a part of the United Front Which was in power during ’96-97′? [1998]
1. Bahujana Samaj Party 2. Haryana Vikas Party 3. Samata Party 4. Asam Gana Parishad
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