IQ Quiz 97

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. A two digit number is equal to 3 times the sum of the digits. What is the number?


2. Find the odd man out: APQR, PLMO, FRST, MSTU, EQRS


3. If 6 men can pack 6 packets of candy in 6 minutes. How many men are required to pack 60 packets in 60 minutes?


4. A wheel with a fixed center has diameter of 6 feet. How many rotations will be required so that a point on its rim will travel 1 mile.


5. Find the one which is different : SUV, NQR, TWX, HKL, BEF


6. At this moment it is 9 PM. What will be the time after 23999,999,992 hours later


7. What is the product of 1.1 and 1.9 rounded to the nearest tenth?


8. Find the odd man out: MMPQ, NNRS, QQXY, OOTU, PQVW


9. Find the one which is different : XCB, LPO, MNM, RIH, FUT


10. A candy shop owner had just 6 weights and a scale. With this, she could weigh any unit number of ounces of candy from 1 to 364. 6 weights could be?


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