IQ Quiz 96

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. The isosceles triangles have equal vertical angles and their areas are in the ratio 9 : 16. The ratio of their corresponding heights is


2. Complete the series : P3C, R5F, T8I, V12L, ?


3. If the second term of a geometric progression is 2 and the sum of the series to infinity is 8, then the first term is :


4. In doctor’s report, she stated that child A is lighter than child B. Child C is lighter than child D. Child B is lighter than D, but heavier than child E. Which child is the heaviest?


5. A train 100 m long passes a bridge at the rate of 72 km/hr in 25 seconds. The length of the bridge in meters is


6. The sale price of an article including the Sales Tax is $616. The rate of Sales Tax is 10%. If the shopkeeper has made a profit of 12%, then the cost price of the article is


7. A train 110 m in length travels at 60 km/hr. How much time in seconds does the train take in passing a man walking at 6 km/hr against the train?


8. John sells an article at a gain of 25/2 %. If he had sold it at $22.50 more, he would have gained 25%. The cost price of the article is


9. Complete the series : A, G, L, P, S, ?


10. A wire is in the form of a circle of radius 35 cm. If it is bent into the shape of a rhombus, then what is the side of the rhombus?


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