IQ Quiz 81

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. In triangle KLM, the measure of angle M is greater than the major of angle L. Which of the following is true?


2. At a luncheon table where 12 men are seated, one-half of the men belong to Club A, one-third belong to Club B, and one-fourth belong to both clubs. How many men belong to neither?


3. A silo is filled to capacity with W pounds of wheat. Rats eat r pounds a day. After 25 days, what % of the silo’s capacity have the rats eaten?


4. If x+y>5 and x-y>3, then which of the following gives all possible values of x?


5. Which of the following fraction is the largest?


6. In triangle ABC and DEF, AC=DF, BC=EF, and AB>DE. Then


7. Triangle ABC has following vertices: A(1,0), B(5,0) and C(3,4). Which of the following is true?


8. Point A(-3,-4) is drawn to point B(3,4). Which of the following is true?


9. In milk camp it is found that a quart of milk will fill either 3 large glass tumblers or 5 small glass tumblers. How many small glass tumblers can be filled with one large glass tumbler?


10. If the radius of a circle is increased by 6%, then the area of the circle is increased by


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