IQ Quiz 77

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. A can run 22.5 m while B runs 25 m. In a kilometer race B beats A by :


2. January 1, 1995 was a Sunday. What day of the week lies on January 1, 1996?


3. Today is 1st April. The day of the week is Wednesday. This is a leap year. The day of the week on this day after 3 years will be :


4. On 8th Feb, 1995 it was Wednesday. The day of the week on 8th Feb, 1994 was :


5. May 6, 1993 was Thursday. What day of the week was on May 6, 1992?


6. Find the time taken by a train 180 m long, running at 72 kmph, in crossing an electric pole


7. A train 150 m long is running at a speed of 90 kmph. Time taken by the train to cross a tree is :


8. January 1, 1992 was Wednesday. What day of the week was on January 1, 1993?


9. The year next to 1996 having the same calendar as that of 1996 is :


10. Monday falls on 20th March 1995. What was the day on 3rd November 1994?


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New Hairstyles For Girls

Rope Twist Pinwheel Bun

This bun will certainly be a highlight of any hairstyle combination you use. We imagine this Rope Twisted Pinwheel Bun being a personal fan favorite for formal dances such as Prom or Homecoming, or for events such as graduations or weddings, etc.It doesn?t have to stop there? the bun can be perfect for sports, gymnastics, cheer, ballet, etc, because the bun holds up so well during activity. Brooklyn wore this bun for two days straight, and hardly needed any time to spruce it up the second day!This tutorial is absolutely adorable, and you can share/pin it.
Items Needed
Brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, 1 ponytail holder, 1 bun maker {matching color of hair}, 4 6 bobby pins, hairspray and accessory {if desired}.
Time Requirement 15 20 minutes,Skill Level Hard {mostly because of time}
Step by Step Instructions
Begin by placing hair into a high ponytai.
Next, take your bun maker {matching the hair color} and, pulling the hair through it, slide it down to the base of the ponytail.
Now let the hair fall down evenly over bun maker.
Create a little separation on one side of the bun, where you will begin the rope twists.
Next, pick up a small section of hair and divide it into two small strands.
Now, twist both pieces each in the same direction a few times, and then twist them together in the opposite direction {this is the standard rope braiding technique, and you should only need to twist down about 4 5 inches or so}.
Then, you will reach two fingers down through the middle of the bun maker, grabbing the twist you just created, and pulling it up through the middle of the bunker.
Now untwist any ends,if they are still twisted at all, and pick up some additional hair to combine with your strand.
Again, separate the section of hair into two strands, making sure to divide the shorter strands evenly with the newly added in hair.
Repeat Steps #6 9 until the entire bun maker is covered with the rope twisted strands.
When you get to the last rope twist, pull it through the bun maker and then rope twist the ends all the way down the strand.
Now, take the end and wrap it under the bun, around the ponytail holder, and bobby pin it securely into place.
Perfect your bun by tucking any layered wispies underneath the neighboring twist, and spread the twists out evenly around the bun.
Add hair wax or hairspray {as desired}, and a cute accessory.