IQ Quiz 61

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. Sylvia is 2 years younger than mary. If Mary is m years old, how old was Sylvia 2 years ago?


2. How many pupils can be seated in a room with s single seats and d double seats?


3. How many days are there in w weeks and w days?


4. A storekeeper sold n articles at $D each and thereby made a profit of r dollars. The cost to the storekeeper for each article was?


5. A storekeeper had n loaves of bread, By noon he had s loaves left. How many loaves did he sell?


6. How many cents are there in 2x-1 dimes?


7. How much change (in cents) would a woman who purchases p pounds of sugar at c cents per pound receive from a $1 bill?


8. A man has d dollars and spends s cents. How many dollars has he left?


9. How many nickels are there in c cents and q quarters?


10. A classroom has r rows of desks with d desks in each row. On a day when all pupils are present, 3 seats are left vacant. Total number of pupils in the class is


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