IQ Quiz 53

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. The EI Capitan of Santa Fe traveled a distance of 152.5 miles from La Junta to Garden City in 2 hours. What was the average speed in miles/hr?


2. A car passes city X at 9:55 am and city Y at 10:15 am. City X is 30 miles from city Y. What is the average rate of car in miles/hr?


3. If it takes 5 days for 6 men to paint a house, how many days will it take to paint the same house for 5 men?


4. 10 minutes after a plane leaves the airport, it is reported that the plane is 40 miles away. What is the average speed of the plane in miles/hr?


5. How long would a car traveling at 30 miles/hr take to cover a distance of 44 feet?(1 mile=5280 feet)


6. A car travels at the rate of 55 miles/hour on the Pennsylvania turnpike. How many minutes will it take to travel 2/3 of a mile at this rate?


7. How many miles does a car travel if it averages a rate of 35 miles/hr for 3 hrs and 24 minutes?


8. A man runs y yards in m minutes. What is his rate, in yards/hour?


9. The distance between 2 cities is 1800 miles. How many gallons of gas will a car use if it uses on average 1 gallon of gas per 12 miles?


10. If M men can complete a job in H hours, how long will 5 men take to do this job?


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