IQ Quiz 27

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. A picture 16 inches X 24 inches has a frame 1 inch wide. About how many times greater than the area of the frame is the area of the picture?


2. The area of a square 18 feet on a side is equal to the area of a rectangle with a length of 3 yards. The width of this rectangle (in feet) is


3. On a diagram of a camp site drawn to scale of 1:120, the size of a building is 7 1/5 inches. The actual length (in feet) of this building is


4. A lamp is manufactured to sell for $35, which yields a profit of 25% of cost. If the profit is to be reduced to 15% of cost, the new retail price will be


5. A pile of steel plates is 2.75 feet high. If each plate is 0.375 inch thick, the number of steel plates in this pile is


6. A sports jacket marked $48 is offered at a discount of 25 % during a storewide sale. At this reduced price the dealer makes a profit of 20% on the cost. The cost of the dealer is


7. If the hypotenuse of isosceles right triangle ABC is 6Xsqrt(2), then the area of ABC equals


8. A company reports that 2,000 electronic parts are found defective. If this represents 6.25 percent of the total shipment, how many of these. parts were shipped?


9. How many 5 cents stamps can be purchased for c cents?


10. A gasoline tank of an automobile can hold g gallons. If a gallons were removed when the tank was full. What part of the full tank was removed?


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