IQ Quiz 22

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. If 12 men can finish a work in 20 days, then in how many days 15 men can complete the same work?


2. Find the smallest positive number which when divided by 3, 4 or 5 will leave a remainder of unity


3. If x/y=2/3, then 2x+3y equals


4. If the carpet costs $2 per 10 sq. meters, then the cost of carpeting a room x meters long and y meters wide will be


5. If 5x=3x-40, then x+9 equals


6. A photograph measures 10cm by 6cm. It is to be enlarged so that the longer dimension becomes 15cm. The length of the enlarged shorter dimension in cm will be


7. A train 250 meters long passes a pole in 12 seconds. Then the speed of train is (in km/hr)


8. If the difference between four fifth and three fourth of a number is 4, what is the number?


9. Given A+B-C+100=350. If A=2B and B=2C; then C equals


10. The length and breadth of a rectangular hall are 40m and 30m respectively. What is the distance between the two opposite corners of the hall?


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