IQ Quiz 22

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. Find the smallest positive number which when divided by 3, 4 or 5 will leave a remainder of unity


2. Given A+B-C+100=350. If A=2B and B=2C; then C equals


3. If the difference between four fifth and three fourth of a number is 4, what is the number?


4. If x/y=2/3, then 2x+3y equals


5. The length and breadth of a rectangular hall are 40m and 30m respectively. What is the distance between the two opposite corners of the hall?


6. If 12 men can finish a work in 20 days, then in how many days 15 men can complete the same work?


7. If the carpet costs $2 per 10 sq. meters, then the cost of carpeting a room x meters long and y meters wide will be


8. A photograph measures 10cm by 6cm. It is to be enlarged so that the longer dimension becomes 15cm. The length of the enlarged shorter dimension in cm will be


9. If 5x=3x-40, then x+9 equals


10. A train 250 meters long passes a pole in 12 seconds. Then the speed of train is (in km/hr)


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