IQ Quiz 142

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. Fill in the gaps of these. sentence : d f is to h j, and a c is to b d, as c e is to ? ?


2. Find the product of 96575 and 995.


3. A man drives for 5 hrs at an average rate of 40 m.p.h. He develops some motor trouble and returns to his original starting point in 10 hrs. What was his average rate on the return trip (in m.p.h)?


4. If 0.05 is to be expressed in percentage, the figure will be :


5. Thursday will come two days after tomorrow; which was the day two days before yesterday?


6. Leslie is 24 years old. When she was as old as Laura is now, Leslie was twice the age of Laura, Laura’s present age is :


7. At an election, a certain candidate secures 42 % of the total votes polled and yet loses the election by 1280 votes. The total number of votes cast in the election must have been :


8. Fill in the gaps of these. sentence : a is to d and c is to f as b is to ?


9. A car does a certain distance at a certain speed and within a certain time. What time will the car take to do double the distance and at twice the speed?


10. 220 shirts take 37 minutes to dry, what time will 22 shirts take :


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