IQ Quiz 139

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. The length of the rectangle is l and the width is w. If the width is increased by 2 units, by how many units will the perimeter be increased?


2. To avoid paying a toll on a direct road, I go west 10 miles, south 5 miles, west 30 miles, and north 35 miles. What is the length(in miles) of the toll road?


3. If 3x-4>8, then


4. If p


5. C is the midpoint of line segment AE. B and D are on line segment AE so that AB=BC and CD=DE. What percent of AC is AD?


6. In triangle ABC, AB=AC. All of the following statements are true except


7. If x


8. To represent a family budget on a circle graph, how many degrees of the circle should be used to represent an item that is 20% of the total budget?


9. If b


10. If x


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