IQ Quiz 104

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. If NEOMAN is coded as OGRQFT, which word will be coded as ZKCLUP?


2. If TELEPHONE is written as ENOHPELET. How is ALIGATOR written in that code?


3. If TAIL is coded as VCKN, how is PEACE coded in that code?


4. If eye is called hand, hand is mouth, mouth is ear, ear is nose, with which of the following would a person hear?


5. If room is called bed, bed is window, window is flower, flower is cooler, on what would a man sleep?


6. Arrange the words in the alphabetical order and select the one that comes second last.


7. A map has been drawn to the scale of 5mm to 15km. What is the actual distance between two places shown 7.3 mm apart in the map?


8. If LIGHT is coded as LJGIT, how is FLAMES coded in that code?


9. If EXPLAINING is written as PXEALNIGNI. How is PRODUCED written in that code?


10. If television is called radio, radio is oven, oven is grinder, grinder is iron, on what will a lady bake?


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