IQ Quiz 101

IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

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1. Was Cigarette lighter invented before the match?


2. Which is the part of human body that has no blood supply?


3. A positive number when decreased by 4, is equal to 21 times the reciprocal of the number. The number is


4. If the side of a square be increased by 50%, the % increase in area is


5. The strongest muscle in the body is :


6. Which is the most common name in the world?


7. What is the value of (P+Q)/(P-Q) if P/Q=7


8. Which is the first country to give women voting rights?


9. Who has more taste buds?


10. The population of certain village increases by 5% annually and its present population is 8000. The population after 3 years will be


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