INM Test 4

Indian National Movement

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1. Which of the following was not the provision of Gandhi-Irwin Pact ?


2. Gandhi preached Swadeshi cult. Indians began to boycott foreignt clothes. Which of the following was the effect of this boycott ?


3. Which of the following factors was responsible for the start of negotiations between Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Irwin ?


4. Which of the following statements, about Red Shirts, is true


5. What stand was taken by M.A. Jinnah at the First Round Table Conference ?


6. How the Congress Party reacted to the Gandhi-Irwin Pact ?


7. What was the result of “Sapru-Jayakar Peace Parleys” ?


8. In the Gandhi-Irwin Pact, Gandhi agreed


9. What was the attitude of the British Government in India towards the Indian Newspapers when the Civil Disobedience Movement was gathering momentum ?


10. On November 12, 1930 the First Round Table Conference was held in London. Which of the following proposals was mooted in this Conference ?


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The harvest festival in Punjab is celebrated in form of Lohri and is an auspicious occasion celebrated with great fervour in typical Punjab style. This festival is particularly celebrated by farmer fraternity because of their connection with harvesting. It is assumed to be quite similar to Thanksgiving Day celebrated in USA and Canada. During the festival people offer prayers and thanks to the God. This symbolifies thanking God for being so kind and bringing prosperity for all. Mainly the North Indian states like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and parts of Himachal Pradesh celebrate this occasion.