INM Test 3

Indian National Movement

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1. Which of the following was the most important gain of non-cooper-ation movement ?


2. The non-cooperation movement was launched on the principle of


3. What important decision was taken at the Ahmedabad Session of* Congress in December, 1921 ?


4. Why Mahatma Gandhi ordered the suspension of Civil Disobedience Movement ?


5. What was the attitude of the Congress towards the action of Ali brothers in leading Moplah Revolt ?


6. How the British Government rcacted to Moplah Revolt ?


7. Which of the following was a serious consequence of the Moplah, Revolt ?


8. A programme of non-cooperation was outlined at the Calcutta Session of Congress. it was adopted at the Nagpur Session. in December, 1920. Which of the following was included in this programme ?


9. For which of the following purposes Seth Jainualal BajaJ was subscribing a lakh of rupees per year ?


10. Which of the following lawyers left the bar to participate in the non-cooperation movement ?


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