INM Test 2

Indian National Movement

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1. Which of the following nationalist leaders died as a result of the injuries suffered in a ‘lathi’ charge when he led a protest procession against the Simon Commission ?


2. Which of the following was the aim of Mahatma Gandhi irk supporting the Khilafat Movement ?


3. Which of the following factors was responsible for change in the attitude of Congress at its Calcutta Session of 1920 ?


4. Which of the following Organisations welcomed the Simon Commission ?


5. Khilafat Movement collapsed, in 1922, after the


6. Which of the following factors was responsible for the launching of Kbilafat Movement ?


7. What was the effect of Jallianwala Bagh Massacre ?


8. Which of the following recommendations was not made in the report of Simon Commission ?


9. At which of the following places Mahatma Gandhi first used the weapon of Satyagraha ?


10. Why the Simon Commission was boycotted both socially and politically ?


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