INM Test 10

Indian National Movement

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1. Which of the following factors was responsible for the Rise of Nationalism in India ?


2. Why the economic conditions or Indians deteriorated under theBritish Rule ?


3. The British built a network of Communications and Transportations for


4. ‘Anand Math’ was written by


5. Which of the following was the cause of First War of Indiam Independence ?


6. Which of the following statements, about the administration of Criminal Justice, is correct ?


7. How the First World War helped in the Growth of Nationalism in India ?


8. How the English language helped in the Growth of Nationalism ?


9. How the opening of the Suez Canal helped in broadening the~, general outlook of the educated Indians ?


10. Which of the following newspapers or journals played an important role in arousing national consciousness amon the Indian people ? 9


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