Indian Polity Test 3

Indian Polity

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1. The citizens of Commonwealth Countries, by virtue of that citizen ship, have the status of


2. If a territory is included in India, the persons living in that territory will


3. What is the implication of adding the term ‘Socialist’ in the Preamble ?


4. Which of the following is implied by the term ‘Republic’in the Preamble ?


5. Which of the following qualifications is necessary to acquire Indian citizenship by naturalisation ?


6. What type of citizenship is provided by the Indian Constitution


7. 0n which of the following grounds, the Government of India can deprive a person of his Indian citizenship ?


8. At the commencement of the Constitution of India, every person who bad his domicile in the territory of India and was made a citizen of India.


9. for which of the following reasons the Constitution has provided single citizenship and not dual citizenship ?


10. Which of the following terms has been added, in the Preamble, by the Forty-Second Amendment ?


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