Homonyms Test 85

Homonyms – Vocabulary Questions and Answers.

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1. The letter was made secure with ________ wax that had the company imprint on it.


2. The wine ________ was located in a cool corner of an underground section of the house.


3. There is still some remnants of a ________ system in India.


4. Films must be screened by a ________ before they are shown.


5. The cracks in the ________ were made by the weight of the chandelier.


6. An organism with a single ________ is called protozoa.


7. The act of planting a ________ is an act of love.


8. Cars and insurance are hard to ________.


9. The wine ________ had twenty years of experience purchasing and pricing wines from many different regions.


10. The losing side had to ________ territory.


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