Homonyms Test 58

Homonyms – Vocabulary Questions and Answers.

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1. Dogs like to ________ bones to save them for later.


2. A bramble ________ pie is made from a straw _________, blue ________, and rasp ________ mixture.


3. To give someone a wide ________ means to stay out of their way.


4. She wanted to give her baby a natural ________ at home instead of in the hospital.


5. The prettiest girl is called the ________ of the ball.


6. Ring the church ________ !


7. On New Year’s Eve we can hear the ________ ringing at the temple.


8. If someone offers to ________ the hatchet, it means they want to stop fighting.


9. A beautiful woman at a dance party is sometimes called the ________ of the ball.


10. I can not get that ________ stain out of your shirt.


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