Homonyms Test 18

Homonyms – Vocabulary Questions and Answers.

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1. A ________ is a North American wild cat.


2. My mother went to the bank to get a ________.


3. The burglar stowed his ________ in a large canvas duffel bag.


4. I need a $100 ________.


5. In the huge yard there was a ________ pine tree in one corner but no other large plants to speak of.


6. A vein of gold in a mine is known as the mother ________.


7. A favorite instrument in Elizabethan times was the ________, a stringed guitar-like instrument.


8. She worked at two part time jobs to pay off her student ________.


9. Take a ________ of sand and dump it at the waterfront.


10. There was a ________ wolf standing by the house.


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