History of India Test 6

General Knowledge – History of India

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1. Who rote the book, `True Law of Free Monarchies’ to justify Divine Theory of the Origin of the State?


2. Who among the following Gandhian followers was a teacher by profession?


3. In India, the first Municipal Corporation was set up in which one among the following cities?


4. ‘Cripps Mission, came to India in –


5. Anekantavada is a core theory and philosophy of which one of the following?


6. From which one of the following did Kosovo declare its independence?


7. Who among the following founded the Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association?


8. Who said in 1936, ‘There is no such thing as Gandhism’?


9. Who is the author of the book, ‘The political Biography of Mahatma Gandhi’ ?


10. ‘Fourteen points’ proposed by M.A.Jinnah was against


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