History of India Test 58

General Knowledge – History of India

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1. Which organization had proposed first to constitute the Constitution Assembly to form the Indian Constitution?


2. During the Civil Disobedience Movement, who led the ‘Red Shirts’ of North-Western India?


3. Which one of the following battles was fought between babar and the Rajputs in 1527?


4. In which Buddhist Council Hinyan and Mahayan School of thought emerged in Buddhism?


5. Which of the following kings of ancient India embraced Jainism and became a Sanyasi?


6. Who started the Shaka era?


7. The Treaty of Bassein(1802) was signed between:


8. Who among the following was associated with the foundation of Ghadar Party?


9. Who among the following taught the doctrine of ‘Shunyata’?


10. In which book or books the religious discourses of Gautam Buddha were collected?


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