History of India Test 54

General Knowledge – History of India

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1. What were Indians a thousand years ago


2. Which of the following were the first rulers in India to issue coins which can be definitely attributed to the kings ?


3. The Hathigumpha inscription (near Bhubaneshwar, Orissa) relates to the king


4. In 305 BC, which Maurya ruler defeated Alexander’s general Seleucus Nicator and received the territories of Kabul and Balochistan ?


5. Who founded the ‘Sevagram Ashram’ near Wardha in Maharashtra ?


6. Which language was used in the literature of sangam period


7. Ban Ki-moon, present Secretary-General, is the second Asian to hold the post of Secretary General of United Nations. Who was the first Asian ?


8. The Shunga Kings belonged to the caste of


9. Who authored Sanskrit play the ‘Mudrarakshasa’ ?


10. Which of the following Shaka king reconstructed the Sudarshana lake?


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