GK Political Science 7

General Knowledge – Political Science

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1. Who said that, “State is an organ of class rule, an organ for the oppression of one class by another …”?


2. Which one of the following has enhanced its power most from the system of delegated legislation?


3. Who is of the view that the sovereign cannot tax his subjects without their consent?


4. The central point of social contract theory is that the state is-


5. According to Marx, the state came into being to-


6. Which institution in a federal system is called ‘Balancing Wheel of the Constitution’?


7. The socialist thinkers favour nationalisation of natural resources with a view-


8. The emphasis of Indian federation is on-


9. Who among the following maintains that persons carried into the state their natural rights from the state of nature?


10. Who said that Directive Principles are “aimed at furthering the goals of the social revolution or to foster this revolution by establishing the conditions necessary for its achievement”?


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