GK Political Science 6

General Knowledge – Political Science

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1. With the help of the following code give the proper sequence of different stages in Locke’s social contract-
i) Civil society
iii) State of nature
iv) Social contract


2. Those who say that religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means’ who made the above statement?


3. Who has criticized Bureaucracy for creating ‘red tapism’?


4. The thinkers of which country have common tendency to entrust sovereignty to an organ of the government.


5. “The social contract theory has been criticized as bad history ,bad logic and bad ethics..” who said it?


6. Who among the following made the greatest contribution to the application of Marxism?


7. Who among the following Marxist thinkers has been described as ‘a genius theoretician’?


8. Who gave the view that A constitutional state ‘is one in which the powers of government, the rights of the governed and the relations between the two are adjusted’?


9. According to Marx ‘the Dictatorship of the proletariat’ signifies?


10. ‘If sovereignty is not absolute, no state will exist’. Who said this?


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