GK Physics 4

General Knowledge – Physics

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1. Which of the following states does not have legislative council?


2. Which one of the following Fundamental Rights is available only to Citizens in India?


3. Which of the following is a physical change?


4. Who is the dejure sovereign in a parliamentary form of government?


5. Indian Constitution does not clearly provide for the ‘Freedom of Press’ but this freedom is implicit in the Article.


6. In an atom no two electrons have all the four quantum numbers identical. This is known as


7. The Provision of Contingency Fund of India has been made under –


8. By which Constitutional Amendment Acts, was it provide that Parliament has the power to abridge or take away any of the enactment of Constitutional Amendment Act?


9. Which of the following language was added to the Eighth schedule to the Constitution of India by 21st Constitutional Amendment Act 1967?


10. The criminal Procedure Code(Amendment) Act 2008 came into effect in


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