GK Indian Constitution 1

General Knowledge – Indian Constitution

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1. The Comptroller and Auditor General exercises Control over state Finances through his power to


2. Which one of the following Constitutes limitation upon the concept of ‘judicial Review’ in India?


3. The Nature of Planning commission Can be Rightly Described as:


4. The inter state council headed by the prime minister consists of


5. The Inter-State Council headed by the Prime Minister of


6. The 44th Amendment of the Indian Constitution withdraw the Fundamental Right


7. The Nature of Planning Commission can be rightly described as:


8. The president can delegate any function in relation to any matter to which the executive power of the union extends to the states, with the prior consent of the


9. The objective of ‘Judicial Review’ is to ensure


10. The maximum life-span of an ordinance without the approval of the Parliament on its reassembling shall be


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