GK Indian Constitution 15

General Knowledge – Indian Constitution

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1. In Which of the Following Cases , the Supreme Court ruled that the Preamble is not a part of the Constitution?


2. The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, whose permission is required for cultivation of any genetically modified crop such as Bt-Cotton in India, is under the union ministry of


3. As per Indian protocol, who among the following ranks highest in the order of precedence?


4. Consider the following statements: 1. while member of the Rajya Sabha are associated with Committees on Public Accounts and Public Undertakings, members of Committee on Estimates are drawn entirly from Lok Sabha. 2.The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs works under the overall direction of Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs. 3. The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs nominates member of Parliament on Committees, Councils, Boards and Commissions etc. set up by the Government of India in t


5. The power to enlarge the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of India with respect to any matter included in the Union List of Legislative Power rests with


6. The expression ‘Peaceful co-existence’- the Component part of India’s foreign policy can be traced to which one of the following parts of the constitution?


7. Which amendment of the constitution deals with the Scheduled Tribes and the other Forest Dwellers Rights Act 2005 ?


8. Which one of the following High Court has the Territorial Jurisdiction over Andaman and Nicobar Islands?


9. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution did the President make a reference to the Supreme Court to seek the Court’s opinion on the Constitutional validity of the Election Commission’s decision on deferring the Gujarat Assembly elections (in the year 2002)?


10. Which Constitutional Amendment Act introduced Changes in the ‘Advisory Jurisdiction’ of the Supreme Court?


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