GK Indian Constitution 13

General Knowledge – Indian Constitution

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1. Under which constitutional amendment 30% seats in village panchyats have been reserved for women in India?


2. Which of the following are the functions of the ‘supreme Court of India?
i) Protection of Fundamental Rights of Citizens
ii) Judicial Review
iii) Grant of clemency to condemned prisoners
iv) Arbitration between states and states and the centre


3. Who among the following can participate in the proceedings of the both Houses of the Parliament?


4. Which theory believes that ‘state originates in war’?


5. Under what circumstances can the Indian President proclaim emergency according to article 352 of the Constitution?
i) External Aggression
ii) Armed Rebellion
iii) Instability of Government
iv) Financial Crisis


6. Under which constitutional amendment Panchayati Raj in India has been given a constitutional basis-


7. Which one of the following ensures personal freedom?


8. The definition of political party was given for the first time by-


9. All revenues received and loans raised by the Union Government go into


10. The ideal condition for the success of parliamentary system is-


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