GK Economics Test 9

GK – Economics Test – 04

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1. Which of the following items would not appear in a campany’s balaIance sheet ?


2. The term ‘Hindu rate- of growth’ refers to the 3.7% per annum growth rate achieved by the Indian economy over the first six Five Year Plans.The term was coined by


3. A public enterprise distinguished from a private enterprise by whether


4. Which one of the following statements of relationship of national income (Y), consumption (C), and insvestment (I), in the famous model of Keynes, is correct ?


5. The statement economics is positive and not normative means


6. Equilibrium income is that level at which


7. Secular stagnation refers to


8. Ceteris patibus means


9. In a joint stock company the ordinary shareholders do not have


10. The Narasimham Committee made recommendations to Government on


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