GK Economics Test 9

GK – Economics Test – 04

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1. Secular stagnation refers to


2. The statement economics is positive and not normative means


3. Which one of the following statements of relationship of national income (Y), consumption (C), and insvestment (I), in the famous model of Keynes, is correct ?


4. A public enterprise distinguished from a private enterprise by whether


5. In a joint stock company the ordinary shareholders do not have


6. Which of the following items would not appear in a campany’s balaIance sheet ?


7. Equilibrium income is that level at which


8. The Narasimham Committee made recommendations to Government on


9. Ceteris patibus means


10. The term ‘Hindu rate- of growth’ refers to the 3.7% per annum growth rate achieved by the Indian economy over the first six Five Year Plans.The term was coined by


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