GK Economics Test 5

GK – Economics Test – 02

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1. If income is below equilibrium


2. Which of the following is the most likely reason why total income tends to fluctuate ?


3. Select from the following list the costs which are most likely to vary with the output of a car manufacturer during a period of a year.


4. The surn of the marginal propensity to consume and the marginal propensity to save must be equal to


5. Expenditure on which of the following is, not considered investment in the theory of income determination ?


6. The open market operations refer to the sale and purchase by the RBI of


7. Slationalisation or public control of an industry is often supported by economists because


8. VAT scheme is expected to


9. A Firm will shut down rather than carry on producing in the short run if


10. Disguised unemployment is the prominent feature of


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