Geography of India Test 5

General Knowledge – Geography of India and World

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1. Which of the following regions does not find a large tribal population on


2. Match the pairs. A.Jarawas B.Abor C.Kotas D.Banjara 1.Tamil Nadu 2.Himachal Pradesh 3.Bihar 4.Arunachal Pradesh 5.Andaman & Nicobar


3. Which of the statements as regards the consequences of the movement of the earth is not correct?


4. The western disturbances which causes winter rain in India originate in


5. Which of the following is matched wrongly 1. 231/2 Degree N Latitude – Tropic of Cancer 2. 661/2 Degree S Latitude – Tropic of Capricorn 3. 231/2 Degree N Latitude – Artic Circle 4. 661/2 Degree N Latitude – Antartic Circle


6. Kimberley mines in South Africa is famous for


7. Which of the following is wrongly matched


8. The place in India receiving the lowest rainfall is


9. The soil which have supported agriculture for centuries without much manuring or following are


10. The tropic of cancer does not pass through


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