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General Science Test

General Science

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1. Which of the following changes can be brought about by the, application of a force ?


2. What is a radian ?


3. Which of the following is the Newton’s law of motion?


4. Which of the following statements is correct ?


5. A vector quantity is that which has


6. The total quantity of motion contained in a body is given by its


7. A rocket works on the principle of


8. Why a passenger standing in a bus falls backward when’the bus is suddenly set in motion ?


9. When a ball is set rolling on the ground, it stops after, sometimeWhich of the following opposes the motion of the ball ?


10. When a stone is thrown on a window pane, the glass is broken into pieces. However, when a high speed bullet passes. through the. window pane, it makes a clean hole. Why ?


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Narayana Murthy


N. R. Narayana Murthy was born in a Kannada Madhwa Brahmin family in Mysore. He has eight brothers and a sister. Murthys father was a school teacher.