General Science Test 18

General Science

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1. Why does a parachute descend slowly ?


2. Which of the two will flow more rapidly down a channel of given slope, mercury or water ?


3. When a bicycle tube is pumped up, the bicycle pump gets heated. Which of the following is the cause of production of this heat energy ?


4. A piece of iron with a cavity in it is heated. What will be the effect on the cavity ?


5. If a body is thrown, from the surface of earth, with a velocity- the body will leave th,:~ earth and go off into interplanetary space.


6. Why does the pressure of air in tyres increase when the vehicle is set in motion ‘I


7. Why does a diver put oil in his ears before diving,?


8. At what angle a javelin should be thrown so that it attains the maximum horizontal range ?


9. Why is it difficult to walk on ice ?


10. Which of the following will happen if the force of earth’s, gravitation disappears suddenly ?


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