General Knowledge 479

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. Recently (in year 2010) , the Government of India has amended the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Rules. What is the proposed minimum threshold level of public holding for all listed companies as per this amendment?


2. Which of the following Union Territory has one Rajya Sabha seat ?


3. The Woods dispatch of 1854 is related to which of the following?


4. The Proposed Article 47 (A) by Constitution Review Commission of Justice M N Venkatchaliah in the directive Principles of state policy is related to which of the following?


5. Which of the following emirates bailed out Dubai, after the recent Dubai Crisis?


6. Which among the following is the first Latin American country to sign a Preferential Trade Agreement with India?


7. Where in Asia was recoded the first confirmed case of Swine Flu (termed H1N1 by WHO ) ?


8. Bring out the incorrectly matched pair:


9. Which of the following Mughal emperors was famous a Shah-i-Bekhabar ?


10. Which amendment of Indian constitution separated Daman & Diu from Goa?


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