General Knowledge 429

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. Which of the following windows version was internal codenamed “Chicago”?


2. Which among the following correctly represents a Parsec?


3. In which year unity of Germany became a reality?


4. Which among the following Committee was related to Financial Inclusion?


5. Arrange Radio, Television , Films & Print Media In their sequence of arrival in India?


6. A Fire temple is a place of worship for _____?


7. In context with the history of Jammu & Kashmir who among the following had written “Rajavalipataka”?


8. Which among the following statement is NOT correct about the Reserve Bank of India ?


9. We all know that Tungsten, which has a Melting point of 3422 °C and boiling point of 5555 °C, had been used as filaments in bulbs and Fluorescent lamps since 1906, when the tungsten filament was introduced. the efficiency of the Tungsten filament increased when William D. Coolidge at
(GE) General Electric produced a ductile form of Tungsten, which was available as powder at that time. Today’s lamps use coiled-coils of the Tungsten filament. Which among the following is the benefit of using the coiled-coils?


10. We suppose that Reserve Bank of India would like to increase the cash Reserves of the commercial Banks. Which among the following would be most appropriate action of the RBI to achieve this aim?


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