General Knowledge 416

General Knowledge – General Awareness Quiz – Questions and Answers, GK 2010

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1. For which of the following commodities , the Dutch wanted to barter cotton piece goods in the Indonesian Archipelago?


2. Where is being set up the Amochhu Reservoir hydel project by NTPC?


3. Pump priming mainly deals with which of the following?


4. Who among the following was the first Deputy Chairman of the Planning commission ?


5. In which year Market Access Initiative (MAI) scheme was launched?


6. Consider the following:
1. Supply of Credit
2. Cost of Credit
Which among the above are affected by the Open Market Operations conducted by the Reserve Bank of India?


7. Who among the following was recently (in year 2010) appointed by the Environment Ministry as head of 14-member expert panel to recommend steps to preserve and rejuvenate the ecologically sensitive Western Ghats?


8. When vice president acts as the president , which among the following is/ are true?


9. In which year after independence, India became a party to the International Wheat Agreement for a four-year period?


10. Who among the following judges of Supreme Court of India was many times called as “Champion of State Rights”?


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